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We do not sell or share your information with anyone else.



OAuth2 protocol for secure login Application hosted by Google

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Compare yourself with friends Facebook and Google+

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Our algorithms analyze your order confirmation email

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Graphics visualization to understand how you spent money

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How does it work ?

DataConso fetch your order confirmation email and analyse them for extract the total amount.

DataConso is inspired by immersion and work the same way.

This is a demo.

What do you mean by 'secure login' ? Will DataConso be able to see my password ?

No, we use OAuth2. It is an open standard to authorization, DataConso can't see your password.

What information from my inbox does DataConso collect ?

Just order confirmation email, like this one.

What data are going to be made public ?

Nothing is going to be made public, but if you share your page information via the link or via facebook/google+ your page are going to be accessible.

You can activate the private option in the menu (right top corner) or even ask for us to delete all your data by email.

My estimation is wrong, why ?

DataConso is still in beta, if you want to help improve our algorithm, just send us a email (end of page) with the mistake.

Do you have plans to support email providers other than Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook?

Not for now. If you want your provider to be taken care of, just send us a email (end of the page).

What currency can be handle ?

For now, only Euros, dollar, dollar canadian and pound sterling, if you want other currency handle, just send us a email (end of page).


Danijel Zarkovic


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Rodolph Vogt

Lead developer

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Alexandre Champion


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